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About Us

Our company is general contractor specialized in civil works & interiors. We are registered construction company under name PT Bangun Kreasi Mandiri. We handle design & build for your building solutions. We have completed various projects past over the years since 2011. Our company board directors are Tarumanegara University graduates who have been working as general contractors before this company was established in 2011.

We handle projects such as residentials, offices, retail stores, warehouses, etc. We also collaborate with architects & interior designers for wide range design & taste.

Currently, we have approximately more than 50 workers both on site projects and our office combined. Our staffs are trained with various skills such as civil works, woodcrafts, ironworks & mechanical engineering.

Our office location is at Greenlake city and our work service area cover across Jabodetabek.

We are growing company as we add more workers to handle our growing projects along the way.

Our Process

When our clients approach us, we make schedule for site survey

Preconstruction Design

After site survey we will provide layout design and necessary 3D views based on our clients wants and needs.

Design & Construction Estimate

Once the design has been established, we are then moving on to next process to estimate the costs for the actual works.

On-Site Consultations

Appointment on site to discuss what are the needs and wants by the client and exchange inputs and advice based on our previous project experiences combined with client needs to deliver expected results.

The Finishing

Satisfaction guarantee by client is a must for our project completion. Oncea project is completed we provide warranty approx 3-6 months since the project handover.


Our Quality Guarantee

Our company is using good quality standards materials with selected vendors. Although we always try to minimize cost for our clients budget, but we never use low quality materials in to do so. As technology is growing, we are also up to date with various kind of materials that can be alternatives.


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